“I help people have happier birthdays so they can experience more joy and positivity in their lives.”

-Tamar Hurwitz-Fleming

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learn 5 ways to create joy on your birthday

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"An invitation to experience the transformative joy a birthday can provide.​"
Artist and Author of In Pursuit of Inspiration
"Tamar Hurwitz-Fleming has masterfully crafted a direct answer for those of us who have ever questioned our self-love, worthiness, or personal power.​"
Marianna Sousa
Social Wellness Leader
"How to Have a Happy Birthday makes a potent case for both why birthdays matter and how to celebrate them in ways that enhance the human experience.​"
Deborah Cooper
MA, MFT, Marriage & Family therapist
"Birthdays can be wonderful expressions of our unique time on earth but are often fraught with disappointment and missed opportunities. If you’ve ever wished you’d had a happier birthday, this book is for you."
Alicia Elkort
Author of A Map of Every Undoing