About Tamar Hurwitz-Fleming

Tamar Hurwitz-Fleming was born January 9, 1966, and grew up experiencing happy birthdays, disappointing birthdays, and downright terrible birthdays until she turned twenty and realized making her birthday happy was entirely up to her.

With each following year, Tamar started paying close attention to her energy as her birthday approached and how various factors—whether under her control or not—impacted her birthday experience. She noted those observations and put them to work in the following years, so that each January 9 thereafter she was able to successfully put herself at the center of her day and experience deep fulfillment.

She wrote this book to help people find deeper meaning and happiness on their birthdays too.

Tamar is an artist, astrologer, and award-winning environmental educator who has worked internationally and presented to more than 350,000 people, inspiring and motivating them to make positive behavior change on behalf of the greater good. She and her husband, Drew, live in San Francisco and enjoy spending time in Santa Fe and Barcelona, where she became a Spanish citizen thanks to a law that welcomed the return of Sephardic Jews whose ancestors were expelled during the Spanish Inquisition of 1492. She is a big fan of tiny dogs and her favorite birthday cake is strawberry Chantilly.